Andrew has a habit of making disgustingly accurate fantasy predictions and picks, and has chosen to pass his gift onto you. Allowing you to sit back, relax, and watch your team destroy your friends. Which is good, because your friend's team name is probably something pathetic including his last name, a 20 character commentary on his allusions of grandeur, or an infuriatingly unoriginal pun like "Bungals."
GodHatesLosers is here so you can embarrass said friend, talk ridiculous amounts of smack about him, and, quite frankly, rethink the entire friendship, cause he's kind of a tool.

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  • SoCal Seahawker posted 2012 days ago

    SoCal Seahawker

    Just came across your list of Fantasy Football names from last season. Hoping you'll do a new one for this season? LOVED that you did it for each team. Thanks!

  • Michael Adler posted 2301 days ago

    Michael Adler

    Hi Andrew,

    I will return your article to its previous form as soon as possible. I hope we can work more effectively together in the future.

  • Neri Stein posted 2309 days ago

    Neri Stein

    How about, "Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: Top Kick and Punt Returners." Also, if you go to your Writer H/Q, scroll down and on the right, you'll find a Hot Keywords tab.

  • Jack Duhamel posted 2318 days ago

    Jack Duhamel

    Nice job with those team names. That title works well, especially for SEO purposes.

  • Gibb David posted 2319 days ago

    Gibb David

    Took a look at the article, it was locked last night when I tried (someone had already gotten to it). It looks like they tweaked the headline a bit and I couldn't really think of anything better, but I enjoyed the article. You had some great names kicking around, dang funny.

  • Rick Seto posted 2320 days ago

    Rick Seto

    Andrew: I tweaked your headline further after seeing a hotter keyword. I also changed the humor tag to fantasy, which I believe to be more popular. As far as the number of hits, don't worry, it hasn't even been a day since it's been posted, so give it some time.

  • Gibb David posted 2320 days ago

    Gibb David

    Hey Andrew,
    I'd be happy to take a look at your article, just not sure which one (the team names one or the one before it). Let me know (or just send me a link) and I'll take a look. Awesome that your last one get so many reads!

  • Jack Duhamel posted 2323 days ago

    Jack Duhamel

    If it's mainly funny team names, and light on the fantasy advice, I'd say send if over to B/R swagger. Everybody's racking their brain for team names right now-- that should get a lot of views/comments. Maybe some new hardware in your trophy case.

  • Jack Duhamel posted 2325 days ago

    Jack Duhamel

    Sorry I missed that spot. Feel free to send me over any future article for an edit.

  • Jack Duhamel posted 2415 days ago

    Jack Duhamel

    Were the two: "in depth analysis of day 3 picks" and "can 6th rounder Allen Bradford improve offense" ??