Sam  Portelance

Sam Portelance


Baseball has been at the center of my life for 4 or so years now. I played rookie and t-ball, but wasn't very good so I quit, because I was scared to death of the ball. I picked it back up in AAA (the last year on the small field for us) on a whim. I hit decently, but my fielding was terrible. While my hitting has improved with each passing level, my defense has improved so much that I can now call it the second best part of my game (base running being 1). I picked up pitching in the last couple years, and finally got some innings last year (a whole one and a third innings, yay!). I now play for my high school team, and my town. I also play squash (don't think b/r has a section for that) and run cross country, which I excel at (I am second on my team going into next year.) I am a decent student, smart, but have trouble focusing. I am a sophomore at Canterbury school, and am pumped for baseball In the spring. Don't worry, I'll get around to writing an article one of these days.

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