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Getting really sick with the smarks and the Iwc...even though i'm a huge part of it!!!! All i'm gonna say is that we(internet fans) act like a bunch of cry babies, no life trolls!!!! What i mean?? EXAMPLE : 2011 push cm punk already..he gets his main event push...Oh my god he sucks he is overrated...
example 2: push daniel bryan already...the guys is the best wrestler in the company(true).......the guy finally gets his main event push and the title..and guess what...comments by no life trolls and fat dudes like: i'm sick of DB already and his stupid chant...He sucks...WTF ppl!!!! stop being one with the masses...stop acting like a cool hipster and hate something just because ppl like it.....

My God i really wish Cesaro,Rollins, Dean F*cking Ambrose never get single main events push because then,every single one wrestling mark will turn on them...for no particular reason...just to be different and cool because THEY HAVE NO LIFE...there i said it....

And the last thing i hate here.....the so called cool casual fans....these ''Sheamus and Orton guys'' who compare a wrestler's career and push by his ability to sell and bring ratings.........from his first main event match...(you know who i'm talking about)...and then they bash every single wrestler and the iwc...Guess what ? you're part of the IWC!!!!!!

Anyway...that was my shoot....i had to take it out of my chest because i had enough....

Favourite Wrestlers/Superstars? (Not in particular order)

Orton,Ambrose,Rollins,Wyatt,Cody Rhodes,Sheamus,Ryback,Reigns,Barrett,,cesaro,Lesnar, and a lot more .... And of course i STILL like CM F*cking PUNK and Daniel Bryan....!!!!!!!!!!!! (i have to include guys from nxt of course): Samy Zayn, Corey Graves,Enzo Amore, and a lot more....

All time favourites

Rocky of Course!!! Y 2 f*cking J !!! Stone Cold Steve Austin!! Taker,Michaels,Ric Flair,Edge,HHH, Angle,Eddie Guerrero

irrelevant with the stuff above and i apologize..i just saw it...maybe too late...maybe some of you will bash me for posting stuff like these...but that kid connor that bryan and kane met at make a wish,passed away...i dont know when..i just found out...and this video that was made..probably by the wwe in honor of the little child is just......i can't describe it...damn the thing r.i.p kid and kudos for every single wrestler even hhh for what they did for him... such a sad thing to hear ...

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  • Bigby posted 3 hours ago


    hw r u

  • Bigby posted 2 days ago



  • FWP JR. posted 31 days ago

    FWP JR.


  • TheCesaroHypeTrain posted 93 days ago


    I thought you said Taker VS Lesnar would be the best match of the night at WM. What happened bro?

  • King of Swing posted 122 days ago

    King of Swing

    Bro ive been using that site for the past 4 months, its what I watch PPVs, Raw, Smackdown and TNA on. Amazing site lol!

  • King of Swing posted 122 days ago

    King of Swing

    I cant get it either im from England, I wouldn't buy it anyway because I don't like the current WWE product.

  • The Villain posted 122 days ago

    The Villain

    I am the big GUY!!!!

  • King of Swing posted 122 days ago

    King of Swing

    Well great minds think a like lol, ive got to say ive never liked Shawn Michaels tho, theres no doubt he was a great performer but ive never liked the guy, maybe because I cant relate to him. I do like Daniel Bryan but I cant stand this goat gimmick he has atm, the guy needs a damn haircut lol im really hoping he beats HHH at Mania. On Punk i still think the guy is a legend, it takes balls to stand up for what you believe in you know. Rocky Austin Y2J is an awesome top 3. So did you buy the WWE network at all?

  • King of Swing posted 123 days ago

    King of Swing

    I don't mind Ryback wether he heel or face I find the guy entertaining, especially when he was on commentary that time. so what other wrestlers you like?

  • A simple WWE fan posted 123 days ago

    A simple WWE fan

    Maybe firing him is too much but depush him would be worst than firing him, About Batista-Lesnar i think it will happen next year, just like Taker/lLesnar most of us wanted to see it last year the, company likes to build anticipation, like The Rock/Cena; they are doing it with Cena/Taker's match, they know most fans want that match, Yeah the match between Sheamus and Ryback was amazing, they worked pretty well, what the WWE did to Ryback was so bad, the guy was SO OVER, i mean really over, they found a way to kill of his momentum and now nobody care aobut his matches. Why they turned him heel? about the card... well if you take Lesnar/Taker it wouldn't feel like a WM PPV.