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I've been a sports fan for most of my life. I played baseball for many years as a child and into high school but always found football to be the most fascinating. This might have to do with the fact that there's just not much interest in a 5'9", 140lb anything in that game!

I spent 15 years in the radio industry which included two Sports Director positions as well as broadcast coordinator for the Texas Rangers Radio Network while at KRLD in the mid 1990s. At different times I worked with both Brad Sham and Babe Laufenberg prior to their becoming the play-by-play radio team for the Dallas Cowboys.

Having never written professionally, I still get the desire to do so often. Never shying away from expressing my opinions, Bleacher Report has provided the perfect outlet for my passion regarding the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL in general.

Thanks for reading and I always welcome feedback ... and of course a good debate!

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  • Mike Shore posted 494 days ago

    Mike Shore

    frank bretshneider it is better to remain silent and be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and prove it.

    There is no talent in the world that will survive the philosophical incompetence that is Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett.

    Somebody is winning the Super Bowl every year. Good organizations know to get talent in the right places and give them winning game plans.

    Sorry, but drafting wide receivers, corners, and tight ends with top priority every year doesn't cut it when there's nobody to block.

    You still have much to learn about football, youngin'.

  • frank bretschneider posted 641 days ago

    frank bretschneider

    Stop thinking like a Fan. You need to think like a GM.
    You need 53 solid players not just a couple of stars to sell ticket!

    You need to study the game and stop getting your material on line.

    What is wrong with the Cowboys is a lack of soil NFL players to go with the talent!

    It is about value, I'l buy you Pat Kirwan's "Keep U R eye off the ball"

    Football 101--- 1,2 3 and 4 round picks need to be produce! In two to three years they better be starters or U are in trouble. Either they start or play in packages.

    It is simple math, U need to field 22 starters, the average NFL player last 3 - 4 years. Of your base 53 players you lose at least 10 percent, 5 players. With only seven draft picks your first 4 better be productive.

    You need to rebuild ever year. Even at 4 keepers a year, every five years you u are replacing most of your base 20 players. If you don't u need to go the rent a player and that is how u get into cap problems.

    You can't have a couple of stars and a bunch of medicare players!

    You need at least 30 to 35 soiled NFL players, 22 plus 8 to 13 special package players.

    If U have the depth you can waste a third or fourth on a developmental player that can sit on the bench 2 to 3 years but a third you expect to be a starter and not a backup.

    Other wise U don't sign a T. Crawford when you need a starter and hope in three years he can start.

    We need O-line and D-line, Wear is getting hurt and banged up, we knew Spencer time was getting near but nothing got done, O-line was getting old, still nothing, even wide outs.

    When U take a car and run it into the ground it breaks down, when your team lacks depth u run your stars into the ground and U get injuries.

    Think like a GM!

    Do U draft a third TE in the second TE when U need a starter?

    Do U trade your 18 pick, a starter for a number 2 - 3 with a graded of 78 knowing that it usually take two years even for a top 10 O-line to be productive?

    You can see it coming, the team is breaking down as the result of lack of depth.

    You need 53 solid players not just a couple of stars to sell ticket!

  • Mike Shore posted 647 days ago

    Mike Shore

    Hey Christian, just wanted to good job for standing tall on the Vickers article. They'll see in the end. It takes courage to stand alone as you've done before. I'm ever there for the fight!

  • Mike Shore posted 647 days ago

    Mike Shore

    Hey Christian, just wanted to good job for standing tall on the Vickers thread. They'll see in the end. It takes courage to stand alone as you've done before. I'm ever there for the fight!

  • Steve Elwess posted 682 days ago

    Steve Elwess

    You post good articles, I really appreciate someone covering the Cowboys who isn't a reactionary meathead or a mega-homer wearing rose colored glasses. BTW, your short list is creepily similar to mine.

  • Mike Shore posted 713 days ago

    Mike Shore

    Your track record is very credible. From your long time lobbying to ditch the 3-4 and switch back to the 4-3, to Ratliff not cutting at NT, to Claiborne not making a difference in the 2012 record you are quite the writer. All of these things came to pass and the team is exactly where you said it would be and for the reasons you stated. You have proven to be miles ahead of national writers. Have to commend you!

  • Gordon Storga posted 716 days ago

    Gordon Storga

    Generally good articles. Good debate points. I like reading your articles, and not because I agree with most of them. You and Brad are two of the more fair writers here.

  • Warriors FTW posted 747 days ago

    Warriors FTW

    Who is the best NFL Player to you? I think it is either Peyton Manning or Adrian Peterson.

  • T. Todd posted 747 days ago

    T. Todd

    No problem man thanks for the articles keep up the good work.

  • Miriam Smith posted 748 days ago

    Miriam Smith

    Christian-- wanted to see if you were interested in covering an event honoring Emmitt Smith in Houston on April 29. More details here: Message me if interested. Thank you!

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