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I am a die hard sports fan that is full of pageantry. Regardless of the sport, I attempt to watch and follow it all.

Like all fans, I have my favorite teams that I religiously watch which has quietly turned into every team imaginable. Whether it is college or pro football, basketball or baseball......I attempt to watch it all.

One would say CFB is my favorite, but I truly follow every sport season to season, it is just that Saturday's during the fall happens to feel like a dream come true!

Feel free to listen in every Monday at 4:30 p.m. Eastern to Southern Sports Tonight ( with Scott McKinney as I talk some college football (Note: Check my Twitter for more details, some weeks could change).

I am a determined person that is willing to go the extra mile to become the best person that I can.

If your a die hard like myself, you better follow me at: Dan_Vasta

Ask away with anything sports related and I will tweet you back!

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  • Ahmd AbdAllah posted 1449 days ago

    Ahmd AbdAllah


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    " Laa ilaaha illallah " (There is none worthy of worship except Allah.)

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  • randy steffens posted 1739 days ago

    randy steffens

    hey Dan - just sendin' a holler back to ya & I am ANXIOUS to help begin the conversation(s) about CFB in 2013/14. gotta attempt to see just where all the teams have settled in, as far as conference tie in's, & gonna access some websites until I get a current list, complete with all the changes. have had fun watching the March Madness & 3 other postseason tournaments. the CBI, especially, might've given some good clues toward some 'non majors' to watch for next season - Wright State and Western Michigan in particular, homestate Iowa Hawkeyes & Northern Iowa Panthers performed well in theirs. my latest 'project' is highlighting 1 "virtual unknown" to follow from each MLB team - not so much from the fantasy league aspect; more so in terms of possible All Star Game consideration. few of the 30 will appear on the ballos yet this season, but I'd be surprised if they wouldn't be there next year. Good to hear from ya - THX, more communication soon from this end.

  • Austin Lotspeich posted 1746 days ago

    Austin Lotspeich

    I guess I'll have to start following that site as well. Wait until we get into the summer, that's when I'll be dying for some TCU talk. I'm thinking we could make a run next year, though. The team is shaping up well.

  • Austin Lotspeich posted 1748 days ago

    Austin Lotspeich

    Definitely, man! You have no idea. This offseason has been brutal with both the basketball and baseball teams struggling (the win over Kansas was nice). I haven't seen you around here in a while, though. I've been missing your articles, where've you been?

  • Josh Matt posted 1921 days ago

    Josh Matt

    fan ya boy back

  • David Jenkins posted 1936 days ago

    David Jenkins

    Good for you Dan, like I said previously I enjoyed your articles and participation. I will now be looking at the new site!

  • David Jenkins posted 1939 days ago

    David Jenkins

    Dan its been a while since you've written anything...what gives?

  • Kyle Poole posted 1974 days ago

    Kyle Poole

    I like how you reply to people who comment on your articles. That's something I really don't see too much on this site. I'm hoping to apply to be a writer as well and that's something I will always try to do. Good stuff man.

  • randy steffens posted 2007 days ago

    randy steffens

    bad SpellChek, or bad keypad...I did pass spelung - er ah, SPELLING.

  • randy steffens posted 2007 days ago

    randy steffens

    I've been told (inthings NOT related to college football - Ha !) that I'm "not well informed" as well as the idea that I "don't think things out" - can ya imagine ? Me NEITHER (a good song by Brad Paisley, by the way). anyway...since THIS QUESTION would get lost like the proverbial neddle in that ol' haystack, "okay - the VICTORIES have been taken away from Penn the LOSSES still remain on their record ?". in other words, how is their WINNING % affected with these penalties - same for other institutions like USC ? ALSO - quickly...had a perhaps CRAZY idea about a "benefit game" (which would NOT count or affect the W/L record of either school) the last weekend of the season, with the proceeds going to the Penn State victims. who'd play each other in THIS game ? 2 teams "INELIGIBLE to participate in their conference championship game(s)": North Carolina vs. Ohio State. there are probably reasons this can't...or, wouldn't, happen - I just haven't been made aware of them yet. any thoughts on this idea, Dan ?