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A new bio for a new year. Changing up lives since 1993, I'm a fan of just about everyone the stereotypical IWC (Which I use as shorthand for Internet Whiny Children, which is different than the Internet Wrestling Community.) member will not like. I wear CeNation colors proudly, I enjoy Sheamus, 3MB, and a host of other characters that are hated, while i dislike Dean Ambrose (or at the very least I see nothing in him,) CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, and AJ.

Been writing for 3 years on this site, met some great people and always looking to meet more. I fancy myself a nice guy, but I have my limits so lets all be cool. OK? Anyway, I also have a deep fandom for Women's Wrestling so I'm always looking to read more about that, and I enjoy Impact and WWE equally, though if I had to pick, I'd prefer WWE at the moment.

Lastly, I'm an aspiring fantasy author (I currently write for Deviantart,) who is in the process of writing a book as of now. Going to college for a degree in Telecommunications (would love to work on the creative staff for a wrestling promotion) with a minor in Securities and Espionage. (Yep, the grits just hit the pan.)

So, feel free to say hi. I don't bite at all! (Unless you ask, but then I may refuse and we'll have "That awkward moment"...)

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  • The Anti-Diva posted 88 days ago

    The Anti-Diva

    Ckicken Nuggets

  • The Applesauce Bandit posted 89 days ago

    The Applesauce Bandit

    Eat more applesauce

  • Northern Lights posted 92 days ago

    Northern Lights

    I like your writing and comments. you need to write more last time you wrote that was a year ago. good luck

  • PinkFloyd1797 posted 93 days ago


    oh im so sorry i didnt know i actually like daniel bryan he is so freakin hot

  • Ziggy The Punk posted 94 days ago

    Ziggy The Punk

    @SanAntonioSpursFan101 1. You're a little late. 2. AJ Lee is married so don't get any ideas. and 3. Why are you obsessed with a fictional love drama. WWE isn't Twilight!

  • PinkFloyd1797 posted 94 days ago



  • Australian posted 99 days ago


    If the briefcase was to take a year off it certainly would make me keener to see it again the following year. I think the Championship match will be pretty exciting regardless. I love your six pack challenge match at Survivor Series. Great idea. That match would be epic!

  • Australian posted 99 days ago


    Yes I think so too. It leaves the option open also. I agree that keeping the titles merged strengthens the mid titles, which is good for the business. Having a couple of workhorses like Barrett and Sheamus holding such titles has been a wise choice. What are you expecting at MITB? The title match should be a great match. It will be interesting to see what Cesaro and Wyatt bring to the table in a match like this. Do you think there will be a second tier briefcase match? I love the briefcase. It would be tragic if somebody wasn't parading around with the briefcase for a period of time. It's one of the more interesting story lines on the calendar.

  • Australian posted 100 days ago


    Good points. Would you like to see the two belts become one?

  • Australian posted 100 days ago


    Hey Tyson... Any chance, at MITB, that two competitors unlock one belt simultaneously and we see a split in the titles again?