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Welcome to the Chicago Bulls Insight Blog! If you are a fan of the Chicago Bulls and want to read about the latest news and rumors about our team, you are at the right place! Even if you’re not a fan you are welcome to read my blog, participate with interaction, and discuss interesting topics!

I will give you the news, rumors, and let you, the readers, comment on my blog with the latest topics regarding the Chicago Bulls! I will give you my insights, opinions, and suggestions about the team as well!

Guess what? As the readers you can send in the rumors! If you hear any rumors that regard the Chicago Bulls e-mail me at All you have to do is give me the source (link.) and I will post the rumors. Not only will I site the source, but I will also give you credit for finding that rumor which will give you the chance to discuss the rumor with the rest of us! Just remember to post the rumor with a link to that rumor and I will post it. If there is no link or source the rumor will not be posted. There might be an exception but only with my approval.

There is more! I will post a picture and video of the month regarding the Chicago Bulls and you the readers get to decide what is the picture and video of the month. I will then choose what is the picture and video of the month then I will post them and give you credit for it. Just e-mail me the link of the pic and video! Remember it has to be regarding the Chicago Bulls!

The point is that I will try my best to have this blog very interactive! If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to e-mail me yet again my e-mail is

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