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I grew up like any other Canadian boy,playing street hockey . never really learned to skate,so I was relegated too playing street hockey.My Pops took me to my first Maple Leafs game when I was 5,it was the Islanders vs.the Leafs, I can't recall who won.We watched the leafs, every game night through the eighties, continuing on until the present day. At five I started T-ball ,played house league hardball,and softball until I was in the 7th grade, or so.In eighth grade I started playing Lacrosse,a friend wanted me to try out for the towns rep-team, so I did.This was a bantam try out,simply put, I was cut.Played house league for almost a full season.Then I received a call from the Midget rep-team coach, he said, come on up to the midget rep-team, we need a goalie. The funny thing is ,the goalie who originally held the post of starting goaltender, for that Midget team, was, none other than, the former enforcer for the Maple Leafs, Nathan Perot.So,That is how I became goalie for the midget Rep-team;(one level higher than bantam).Kinda funny how that worked out.I can't tell you why Nathan left the team, that just wouldn't be right!He did come back that year ,but as a player.I played Lacrosse until Jr.b. I had many fun times playing for those rep teams. I went to many Argonaut games with my father and his drunken friends, to cheer them on,against the evil Hamilton Tiger Cats. The reason I became a Giants fan is because in 1991 I was watching the Superbowl with my dad,and I never really knew much about the game.He was a Bills fan,but I liked the other team.So,I bet him ten dollars.(which was my weekly allowance) that the Giants would win.(Either way my Pops was gonna lose,.) But,He enjoyed a little gamble, so when the Bills kicker missed the field goal to win the game, my dad lost it!( Like any honorable fan would do.) I gained Twenty bucks,but I still had to do my chores for the original ten,oh well.Last but not least, the Bluejays.I remember watching baseball at an early age,same age as hockey really.I'll never forget those 92/93 seasons, were they won the World series, back too back.

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