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Obviously my name is not No One, I am writing under this pen name for reasons that are frankly none of anyone's business. I would not like reveal much more about myself, but I am here to clean up the writing a bit. I have written about the New York GIants for a long time, I know a lot about them and I know even more about good writing. I obsesisively check google news feeds for new stories about my beloved Giants and I am sick and tired of B/R stories showing up where they don't belong. Bleacher Report is a great tool and give authors a lot of undeserved exposure while smaller, more talented, blogs are out there working hard every day with very little reward. I would not be so angry, except the quality of writing, the angles, the perspectives, and the stories are all garbage! I remember a time when well known writers covered the Giants for this site (and a few are still here) and they produced such quality work that it at times astounded me. That is no longer the case, I frequently read stories in this community and think they are just crap! I will make my opinions known on your articles and I am not afraid to stand up and demand better writing. Good day.

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