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Shayan Shakeri

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Yo, I'm Shayan Shakeri. My interests are:
Formula 1 Racing
Snowboarding (all types)
The R-Bar (red bull air race)
Watching tv
being me etc.
I joined cause my bro is the leader of the F1 comunity here on BR.
When the winter comes around, I'm a lean mean snowbaording machine. You get too close to me on the slopes, and im onna rip through you like paper. Don't cut off my landing either, the force of my landing and my razor sharp edges will also cut through you... literally (what they're sharp). I race like a maniac and i love everything from park to pipe :P
Now, I haven't watched Formula 1 since I was born, but i enjoy the screaching sound of the engines, and watching Alonso lose makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside... same with lewis hamilton:)

The R-BAR is probably one of the sickest sports out there, and in the air.
If you see me in the club... and I'm hosed, and pretty much gonna die from AP... I'll be fine.
Anywho, if you need me, drop me a line

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