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I am a participant in the B/R copy editing internship program as of January 2014. I played baseball through high school (14 years total) and coached at the Junior level for another two. Naturally, I have a great love and appreciation for that game above all others (Let's go, Oakland!). However, I am also very passionate about the NHL, NFL and NBA.

When I am not watching or talking about sports you will typically find me involved in the literary arts--and I don't just mean with a book in my face (although, I do love a good read). I have won five different awards for my writing from SJSU, where I graduated Cum Laude with a BA in English. I write poetry, children's books and essays, and you can find some of my work on WordPress. Basically, my two loves in life are writing--whether it be creating my own, reading someone else's or editing--and sports.

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  • Scott Polacek posted 119 days ago

    Scott Polacek

    Thanks for the feedback today. That's a good call on the Grilli tag. Much appreciated.

  • R. Cory Smith posted 121 days ago

    R. Cory Smith

    Really appreciate the feedback yet again! The edits definitely put more emphasis on those sections. Great work and really glad you enjoyed the article!

  • Jared Porter posted 122 days ago

    Jared Porter

    Thanks for the detailed explanations of your edits, Michael. They help greatly. I really appreciate when editors take the time to explain errors thoroughly so mistakes can be avoided in the future. Thanks again.

  • Giancarlo King posted 130 days ago

    Giancarlo King

    Thanks for the great edits, Michael. Appreciate the insight on top-three. That's a big help. Thanks again man, appreciate it!

  • R. Cory Smith posted 130 days ago

    R. Cory Smith

    Thanks so much for the in-depth notes and feedback on my NBA article today. Glad you enjoyed the writing and I really appreciated the praise.

  • Stephen Sonneveld posted 136 days ago

    Stephen Sonneveld

    Thank you for the edit and help, Michael!

  • Vinh Cao posted 143 days ago

    Vinh Cao

    Thanks again, Michael. Here's hoping the Kings and Sharks can avoid each other in the first round.

  • Vinh Cao posted 155 days ago

    Vinh Cao

    Thanks for the edits, Michael.

  • Tyler Horner posted 156 days ago

    Tyler Horner

    Thanks for the edit Michael! Guess I've still got a little ways to go in getting back into the B/R style guidelines, but I should learn quickly.

    Thanks again!

  • Daniel Stack posted 157 days ago

    Daniel Stack

    Thanks for the corrections made to my latest article, Michael. I appreciate the advice and I'll try to put it to good use. Thanks again!