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4th Quarter GOAT

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  • Ricky posted 430 days ago


    Hey brah, let me know when UGA wins a ring under Richt. Because it's never going to happen.

  • daniel magnuson posted 513 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    hahahhaha we had 3 recievers Allen , wullenwabber , and moore all good players, one QB Martinez , spencer long an all american lineman , avery moss , vestal , ashburn , randle played with a sprained mcl all D lineman. Afalava , roach LBS the list goes on haha we won fair and square both teams had a backup QB one made more plays the other couldnt do the job well enough and it ended up with our vastly improved Defense shuting yall down in the redzone time after time in the redzone. nuff said

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 516 days ago


    Shaq wanted to leave la just like Howard did so what the hell are you talking about them wanting to leave Orlando. Shaq wanted to leave Kobe and show he can win without him. Howard ditched La in one season. You have no leverage in your sports convo's you talk off of a bias heart and not reality. Now be gone lil man and go troll some other people. Your on a FSU and Nebraska's fan page, that looks bad. Uga doesn't play either one every year so what the hell are you doing? Looking stupid that's what! GO NOLES!

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 516 days ago


    Atlanta dude talking about SF having fags that's funny. Last time I went to Atlanta, I see why your ratio of single women is so high. All those men up there pumping each other. I can talk about Reggie Miller all I want, because Orlando and Nyc didn't share that rivalry. Facts are facts. Your talking about Yankees winning 27 titles, which has nothing to do with my team vs your team so what's the difference. The Marlins owned the Yankees, and your talking about 27 other titles you sir are such a hypocrite.

    Oklahoma plays us after we lose alot of players and rebuild. Name one time Oklahoma has played a FSU team with healthy players and not during the mediocre years. You can't. Even in the championship we were issing serveral key starters including Snoop Minnis our best receiver. We have beaten Oklahoma before in years past. If your talking about getting owned, uf beat uga like 20 straight years in the 90's and 2000's so don't give me that about getting owned.

    How does FSU get owned by Miami in the 90's when we beat them more in the 90's and had 5 championship appearances in one decade? Your making stuff up. Miami had one title in the 90's we had 2. What the hell are you talking about? Your an idiot. Then you say we lost to kentucky and again, we had over 30 something players suspended that game, and still almost won. Stop acting like FSU was FSU in those times. We were down and still had winning seasons and won bowl games. If uga was so good then where is your championship? You talk about acc being weak, but the sec didn't dominate until mid 2000's. The acc actually had 6 chamionshp appearances in the 90's. Usc and Miami ran the early 2000's with Ohio State having success. I dont' care about a conference, because I represent FSU. Uga doesn't do nothing so you go ride Bama or Auburn's coat tail. That's whack stand on your own two feet or in your case on all four's. FSU beat Auburn what you got to say about that? If it ain't congrats then your a hater! FSU owned the sec's best team period. GO NOLES!

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 516 days ago


    I'm not gonna waste my time reading your biography. All I saw was you said I lost credibility for saying Brooklyn is the team that runs NYC now. Well you lost credibility when you compared Atl to SF so who the hell are you to say something about credibility you hypocrite.

    Orlando is the destination where championship teams go from every sport. Considering your a uga and knicks fan I can see why you don't know what a championship is. You do realize in sports people say I"M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD! Disney World is located in Orlando Florida.

    You can make all the excuses you want, but ask yourself this one question. How did you contact me? I didn't find you, you found me and came at me. So if you gonna dish it, then you should take it. Don't get mad because people see your flaws. You go around trolling people from articles that have nothing to do with you in the first place. If your a fan of the team, then talk with your fans not critics. You address critics and then troll their boards makes you no better than the trolls period.

    Now I tell you what you need to do, is give FSU props for winning the championship and not act like that's not an accomplishment. If your truly a uga fan, then you should be congratulating the college that hates uf more than you do. Stop hating you make uga fans look bad! GO NOLES!

  • Randy Moss posted 516 days ago

    Randy Moss

    Sorry bruh. There will only be one GOAT

  • daniel magnuson posted 517 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    haha ya we were just as injured dirtbag , abdullah also had an ankle injury , we didnt play wisconsin but we beat penn state who beat them , we almost beat michigan state who won the rose bowl but we still beat up ur defense and yall couldnt win in ur own teritory hhahahahha trash jacksonville right in the heart of bulldog nation. Like to see yall go up north to lincoln and freeze ur ass off

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 517 days ago


    Nyc won 27 but are 0-1 against the Marlins! Point is when it comes to my team vs your team in the championship, I am a winner and your a loser. Uga winning a bowl game or Marlins winning world series which one is bigger? I can see you aren't too bright to compare a bowl win to a world series!

    Nyc 2 titles and Orlando has 2 appearances in the finals. We were established in 1989 and have the same amount of appearances that you do titles so what does that say about the knickerbockers! Go re-watch Miller time where Reggie destroyed the so called hard to play in Madison Square Garden. Brooklyn runs New York now. You guys are hasbeens!

    Atl winning next year lol I heard that same tune last season. Let's be serious dude, you truly are a hater! No way you can compare Atl to SF! You talk about the Yankees, at least my Marlins beat your Yankees *** in the world series despite you having 27 paid for titles. White owns Sherman you say, well that's not saying much, because Crabtree came back from an injury off of missing 11 weeks and toasted Shermhead in the Stick of course you forgot about that didn't you. MIght I add, for you to say SF are hasbeens and hadn't done nothing since 94, is pure idiotic comments from you. SF went to superbowl last year and made 3 straight nfc appearances. Also SF beat Atlanta last year and this year that would make that two games in a row! You guys went from nfc championship game to 4 and whatever yeah that's great alright! You should be killing with you weak division. SF exposes Carolina and they were supposed to be the best in your division ahahahah what a joke!

    Lastly, FSU and uga no comparison, especially as of late. You wanna talk about a decade ago, I can take you back to when FSU beat uga back in the day so what's your point. You act as if you won a championship! We had a redshirt freshman do it big and owned clemsux something else your senior qb couldn't do. Now go back to being average as usual and failing to win with top recruiting classes. Ucf beat yall and they weren't all that the year they won. No excuses. FSU is suSPEARior to uga! I don't hate uga, because I know real fans don't talk like you. When I go to FSU games, I seen uga fans there often and they have nothing but respect for FSU! Stop your hating dude, your just mad because FSU does it better than uga. You should be rooting for FSU considering we hate the same teams! GO NOLES NATL CHAMPS enough said.

  • 4th Quarter GOAT posted 518 days ago

    4th Quarter GOAT

    WHere did you see UGA fans trolling forced sex university boards. you did not say dedicate this message for the trolls. we dont troll forced sex uni because there irrelevant to us. if they play in the SEC they will be a 2-3 lost team. stop lying. LOL. hows that humble pie taste.

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 518 days ago


    I just read the last part of your pathetic response. Uga won against FSU last time we played. You didn't mention how FSU had a ton of players out and you barely won that. You brag about bowl wins we brag about championships. Mark Richt has a title with FSU! How about Uga how many does he have? FUnny how he went to 3 championships at FSU and Uga he hasn't went to any! Now I get why your happy about a bowl game that means nothing to college fans in general only trolls like you because you have to have something good to feel about. That's pathetic and even more funny! A bowl game or championship which one sounds better!

    How about your loss to Ucf in the bowl game! That right there is embarrasing! Again if you wanna talk about past bowl games, then look at everything not what makes you happy! FSU has won like the last 6 bowl games in a row! FSU had 11 nfl draft picks the only school in double digits and the only one to have a qb taken in first round in last year's draft! If you gonna talk about the past don't highlight one area without higlighting your low areas! FSU has 30 something winning seasons in a row, 14 top 5 consecutive key word consecutive finishes in a row something no school especially uga will accomplish! There is no comparison. FSU 3 championships uga not so many! Maybe yall have 1 or 2 at most! GO NOLES! Seminole Tribe doesn't respect you either! Now tell your players to stop coming to FSU during football season maybe you can actually win your conference for once if yall focus!