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I am a 46 year old single male. Retired, disabled military member. Born in Mt Clemons, MI, but raised in Lake Placid NY. I was the stick Boy for the 1980 US Olympic hockey team. I am in contact with most members of the team and i am 1 of the few non players that get invited to all gatherings or Reunions. I am a Huge Steve Yzerman and Detroit Red Wings fan and i have Jimmy Devellano and Mickey Redmond on my facebook friends list and have spoken with him, through the site. My friends list includes many celebrites, due to my connections with the US olympic team. This includes Tai Babalonia, Jack "OC" Ocallahan, Mike Eruzione, Craig patrick, Tom Laidlaw (Met him in the early 80s, while visiting Robbie Mcclanahan and my cousin, Ricky Strack, who played in the Rangers organization), Elaine zayak, and many more. I am a fairly well known, nobody, who is repeatedly ask for my autograph, simply due to my connections with the team. Its almost funny when i explain to people that i was only a 15 year old stick boy and usually get the same response. Anybody or anything connected with the team, is part of history. This makes me feel proud and finally, i love the team and everybody that was part of it. Gary Smith, Buddy Kessels, freddie cipprione, Dr. Nagobats(SP), Warren Strehlow Craig patrick, and Herbie. Was interviewed on ESPN radio, in September of 2008, 1 week before Bill(Buzzy) Schnieder was.

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