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B/R Featured Columnist. I have covered both the Golden State Warriors and San Jose Sharks.

I love writing about, reading about and discussing pure sports topics; the mainstream media is too focused on "stories." I enjoy great stories, but my love for sports comes from a love for the battles between the lines.


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  • Zidus Barnes posted 992 days ago

    Zidus Barnes

    so you wrote a couple articles defending MJax, but now that the Warriors have absoultely killed it with Kerr at the helm, what are your thoughts now?

  • Ric Bucher posted 1320 days ago

    Ric Bucher

    Thanks for the fan follow, Simon!

  • Norman S. Weinfeld posted 1376 days ago

    Norman S. Weinfeld

    Thoughtful and interesting article on D. Green. Well done.

  • Ryan Heffernon posted 1683 days ago

    Ryan Heffernon

    Please don't write about the Thunder if you don't even follow them

  • Rudy Rivers posted 1754 days ago

    Rudy Rivers

    The comment wasn't meant for you sorry!

  • Cameron Grigsby posted 1858 days ago

    Cameron Grigsby

    Didn't know you were on BR man congratulations, awesome to see you successfully writing about our sports teams

  • Dave Ungar posted 1947 days ago

    Dave Ungar

    Simon thanks for being a fan.

  • Craig Gordon posted 2138 days ago

    Craig Gordon

    I still can't post a message to the "10 Players Who Need a Better Half" article, and apparently nobody else can, either. Otherwise you'd have more than zero comments by now.

    The main comment I've wanted to make is that I agree that Niemi is one of those who needs to have a better second half, and you seem to point to exactly how he can do that: by putting Greiss in goal an average of one every three games instead of his one out of four games in the first half. If I'm not mistaken, your target for the number of games Niemi should play the rest of the season fits that scenario. After all, fatigue could have something to do with Niemi's drop in consistency over the seven-game stretch before the All Star break In fact that seems especially likely, given Niemi's two straight shutouts recently right after getting some rest. He blanked the Flames on Jan. 24, after a Greiss start the previous night gave Antti three days off. Then, after taking it easy for a week, he roared into the second half with another beauty.