Daniel Bogaard

Daniel Bogaard


It probably goes without saying, but I LOVE SPORTS! I am certain that I am not the only one that frequents this site that shares that sentiment, but it is true. I believe I came out of the womb loving sports. I was born and raised on Denver Broncos football and I was nurtured at a young age to hold sports near and dear to my heart.

I have had a history of writing long diatribes to both my friends and associates concerning all things sports and each has suggested that I broaden my audience. Which brings me to the Bleacher Report. It is a goal and would be a dream of mine for my writing to be recognized to the point where I could actually utilize my love and acumen for sports for something other than doing such to appease myself.

If you like what you read, please do not hesitate to contact me at dbogaard711@gmail.com and follow me on twitter@bogie711. I also strongly encourage you to check out thefanmanifesto.com--the site for the educated sports fan at http://thefanmanifesto.com/author/danielbogaard/. If you do not like what you read, I will look forward to bantering with you on the blogs!

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  • Aaron Young posted 2444 days ago

    Aaron Young


    I talked to a guy earlier today that liked to spend his time insulting other people rather than discussing football.

    Here's an extract: "See how I made it look like I was being philosophical, but I was really calling you a moron".

    It made me realize how much I enjoy discussing football with you. Nothing personal - all straight facts and strong opinions.

    Hope to see you around when I publish my next article.

  • Wanna be Anna's Man posted 2470 days ago

    Wanna be Anna's Man

    I was just thinking man.

    Is anyone cooler then BOGAARD?!?

    I mean the name alone can kick Chuch Norris's butt!

    just thought you needed to know that. anyway continue with your life.

  • Bama Bronco posted 2518 days ago

    Bama Bronco

    Just saw your comment and answered your question. And no, you know I wasn't talking about you in that comment to Isaac. I ALWAYS read your articles. :)

  • Wanna be Anna's Man posted 2522 days ago

    Wanna be Anna's Man

    looks like we don't have to cry about Champ leaving.

  • Gladys Louise Tyler posted 2634 days ago

    Gladys Louise Tyler

    Daniel I can't wait to read your articles! Very few people know more about sports and specifically the Broncos and Nuggest than you! Let's see it man!