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  • Brady Bunch posted 1313 days ago

    Brady Bunch

    Why are you such a fucking homer? Shut the hell up about the Raptors fag

  • Daniel O'Brien posted 1315 days ago

    Daniel O'Brien

    Fast food articles all day baby

  • Samir posted 1740 days ago


    So you say I'm 'grammar challenged'. That isn't even grammatically correct. LOL, and then you call ME an idiot. The proper phrase here would be grammatically challenged. SMH. And I guess you're too much of an idiot to know that an opinion is, but that's fine with me. Just go and get on with your life, and don't be a hypocrite in other arguments, because you'll end up losing your whole point.

  • IT'S YO BOI TINKY WINKY posted 1740 days ago


    Why are you continuing this conversation. If you are so intended on not wanting to talk to us, just leave it and carry on with your life!

    Samir isn't defending me, because in all his posts, he hasn't said any related to defending me, he just asked if you were a troll, which he could have assumed considering the # of trolls that reside B/R.

    Look, I'm sorry if either of our comments, hurt or offended you, but be the bigger person. Stop bothering us, and we'll do the same. That's really all there is to it.

  • Samir posted 1741 days ago


    Well, I've never hear d of the term shrieking harpee. Harpee isn't even a word unless you meant harpy. And I'm not taking issues I was just asking if you were a troll. One person pointed out that I said negative things about them, one person. So I don't know where you're getting plural from. And no, it is not arrogant, because everybody has different views and opinions, and other people may have negative or positive opinions. And do you really expect me to believe you've been writing articles on here. You saying that Carter getting traded was like a punch in the gut is pretty ignorant, because everybody knew he was getting traded. And if you've been on a basketball fan for 40 years, that means you're either close to being or are a senior citizen, so what are you doing arguing with people over 20 years younger than you? Get a life man, don't call me an @ss when you're the one acting like one, going through peoples' comments and replying negatively.

  • Samir posted 1742 days ago


    Well, first off, you use phrases like 'shreeking harpee'. Second, you call me a bodyguard yet say nothing to Hasan. And then this: "If you rarely ever say anything positive then your a pessimist. And I've never met a pessimist who didn't try to call themselves a realist. Loosen the tie...unhinge the jaw and just enjoy..."

    Where did that come from? And you seem to have just begun to comment on Rpators' articles after they acquired Gay, so I don't see how you'd know anything prior to the Gay trade

  • Samir posted 1743 days ago


    aAre you a troll?