Jeff Dunlop-Jones

Jeff Dunlop-Jones


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  • Michelle Alves posted 3317 days ago

    Michelle Alves

    Speaking of inspirational players ...

    Sometimes it takes more than just the game to make football what it is...

    feel free to leave a comment & thanks for the read!

    cheers x

  • sam naik posted 3348 days ago

    sam naik

    sup dude

    Shit man i was there in 2005 and 2006, brynn, prawn, gill,oliver, jos,kysle , partridge, russ, they were all my best mates at Skidd, fuck they were a tite bunch man. Ol and jos are now in joburg coz they got excluded just like how i did thats why i had to leave hahaha:)

    Shit impressive man cant believe champs turned into a decent place, i need to come to gtown for a party man , see whats new there, and im keen for a friars jol

    Shit mate if u down in joburg u must let me knwo we can fuckin have a jol at Grand Slam, get rat faced and cheer o nthe mighty reds:)

  • sam naik posted 3348 days ago

    sam naik

    O M fuck how does champs become a restaurant that was the most dodgy establishment ever man in that alley shit man...

    Aaah i really though Die Taphuis was awesum they use to have so many gigs there i use to love that fukin palce:) Were u ever there for lockdown at taphuis??

    No ways 18 bucks bru, that is alot bru considering theres mostly students there hwo are broke all the time :) shit i remeber back in the good old days when it u could get a draft included for the same price:)c They put slot machines in slipstream holy shit man, do ppl actually gamble ?? i can just imagine okes pullin up at slipstream panned outta their minds trying to win more money to buy more beer hahaha:)

    Who did u knw from skidd?? yeh i know Retief ,fuck u guys were far up the hill hey

    Well if u come up to joburg bro the grand slam is in edenvale, in an open complex not very hard to find, its the best bru ull fucking love it, its like a sea of red when u get into that place amazing i tell ya:)

    ANyway keep well dude, international breaks were fuckin gay


  • sam naik posted 3350 days ago

    sam naik

    Fellow fuckin rhodey how u doing mate

    i posted a comment up on the anfield spirit is alive in repsonse to your comment check it out