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  • Jon Heath posted 1865 days ago

    Jon Heath

    Re: Sick of Manning articles.

    I only write what I am assigned and last week I happened to be assigned two articles about Peyton Manning. Even I am sick of all of the Manning articles and I understand where you are coming from.

    There are many other players on the team that are having a big impact this season and I will try to touch on them moving forward.

  • Travis Wakeman posted 2055 days ago

    Travis Wakeman

    Thanks for the compliment, Dave, I appreciate it!

  • Adam Odekirk posted 2197 days ago

    Adam Odekirk

    Okay here is part one of the effort! Thanks Dave!

  • Adam Odekirk posted 2205 days ago

    Adam Odekirk

    Hey Dave, by the time I submitted the idea to the editors it had already been claimed by other writers. Anything Tebow goes fast in the world of B/R Featured Columnists. Although, it does prove that you are ahead of the curve on these things and thinking what the powers that be are thinking! Thanks for the suggestions and the support and I apologize for being too slow on the draw to tackle the subject.

  • Adam Odekirk posted 2306 days ago

    Adam Odekirk

    Dave, thank you so much for the suggestion. I think it is an interesting topic, made even more intriguing by the recent events with Kentwan Balmer getting nabbed by Carolina right before us! Unfortunately, I have not had very much success going out on my own to write articles that are not supported by the B/R staff. Basically, I spend a lot of time researching them and writing them, only to see fifteen articles about Tim Tebow push my piece off the front page and out the collective consciousness of Broncos fans within hours of posting. Unless my articles are picked up and distributed via the newsletter, they sadly are not worth the effort for the amount of exposure they get. I know that is a rather cold way of looking at the situation, and it might leave a great topic like the one you mentioned on the table, but I feel that I have to look at it that way for the time being. I sincerely appreciate the support however and am also interested in your comments and suggestions so please keep them coming!