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  • P Mcpherson posted 1474 days ago

    P Mcpherson

    everyone hates me but i still think you will suck my disck.

  • space posted 1484 days ago


    is teddy sucking your dick?

  • Chris Fontanilla posted 1544 days ago

    Chris Fontanilla

    BR really needs to ban you from writing articles about Kobe Bryant. You're probably the biggest KB hater on the face of the earth, and you will not a little thing like common sense stop you from hating. You're also extremely rude, especially when responding to people when they comment on your articles negatively or when you read a comment about Kobe Bryant being even a little good. Get over yourself.

  • Johnny 5 posted 1546 days ago

    Johnny 5

    IKE Where the fuck are you???

  • Thomas H. posted 1551 days ago

    Thomas H.


  • Ahmad Jefferys posted 1559 days ago

    Ahmad Jefferys

    Hey Ike. I got one for ya. The kobesexuals always say that Kobe played so injured and won a championship. in 97-98 Jordan played with a torn ligament in his shooting hand and pippen was out for 35 games in which they went 25-10. Keep in mind in the finals pippen was a non factor due to injuries and couldn't finish game six and Jordan took his team on his back at 35!!!!!!

  • Jam Kidlat posted 1572 days ago

    Jam Kidlat

    Where is your Heat Team now huh? You're a loser.