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  • Sharon Katona posted 82 days ago

    Sharon Katona

    Wow! I thought that I was the only one who couldn't open Team Stream videos! What are we doing wrong?

  • Joe Corey posted 138 days ago

    Joe Corey

    Here we go again. The video issue is back. You guys really need to get this fixed once an for all.

  • Declan Nicholson posted 140 days ago

    Declan Nicholson

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  • Peter Bologna posted 148 days ago

    Peter Bologna

    I have been subscribing to BR for years now,. but am still unable to see any videos. What's up with that?

  • Joe Corey posted 202 days ago

    Joe Corey

    Thank you for finally fixing the video issue many of us were experiencing the last 6 - 9 months.

  • Tayler Beeson posted 203 days ago

    Tayler Beeson

    What is the BR pop a shot champs personal record ?

  • Javelina Ben posted 235 days ago

    Javelina Ben

    Why are there no responses to all the inquiries regarding no video stream happening? What do we/you need to do. Please respond. You do monitor your mail don't you?

  • Leeddie Clifcan posted 253 days ago

    Leeddie Clifcan

    Where is the video? I have never seen a video when it is Team Stream. One would hope BR would fix the issue for its readers.. can't rightly say viewes now can I...

  • Tony Lobello posted 301 days ago

    Tony Lobello

    Hats off to you, Angela! Very good observation and a valid point. And, if a deflated ball is easier to catch, it is also easier to intercept.

  • Angela Johnson posted 307 days ago

    Angela Johnson

    Everyone is quick to form and opinion however-officials in the game handled those very footballs, in question-each and every play, (they place the ball on the line of scrimage) and not one single question during the game. Does anyone not question how the refs didn't have a problem during the game, then all of a sudden something is wrone? If anyone would notice a change in ball pressure, it should be the refs. If a seasoned ref can't realize that much pressure change in a game, a colt's player sure can't! Maybe the refs should be looked into.