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  • Leeddie Clifcan posted 9 days ago

    Leeddie Clifcan

    Where is the video? I have never seen a video when it is Team Stream. One would hope BR would fix the issue for its readers.. can't rightly say viewes now can I...

  • Tony Lobello posted 57 days ago

    Tony Lobello

    Hats off to you, Angela! Very good observation and a valid point. And, if a deflated ball is easier to catch, it is also easier to intercept.

  • Angela Johnson posted 63 days ago

    Angela Johnson

    Everyone is quick to form and opinion however-officials in the game handled those very footballs, in question-each and every play, (they place the ball on the line of scrimage) and not one single question during the game. Does anyone not question how the refs didn't have a problem during the game, then all of a sudden something is wrone? If anyone would notice a change in ball pressure, it should be the refs. If a seasoned ref can't realize that much pressure change in a game, a colt's player sure can't! Maybe the refs should be looked into.

  • soccer livescore posted 64 days ago

    soccer livescore

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  • Fred Hales posted 69 days ago

    Fred Hales

    When will you advise all the people who have the same complaint that they can not receive the video which you post on the website? We are all having the same problem that we get a blank screen where the video is supposed to be. This is an ongoing complaint that has been going on a long time and it is about time that you at the very least, acknowledge those fans what to do or what you are doing to fix the problem.

  • Joe Corey posted 73 days ago

    Joe Corey

    Same issue. Can never get link to video just a blank box. This has been an issue for quite sometime. Any idea when you'll have it fixed???

  • Javelina Ben posted 74 days ago

    Javelina Ben

    Can never get a video, just a blank box. How to fix??

  • araiderfreak posted 77 days ago


    so has anyone figured out why the video is never there?

  • Nelson Merrell posted 98 days ago

    Nelson Merrell

    I no not get to the video. Like Mark, below, I get a blank square, no picture, no link. Anyone have an idea as to why?

  • Mark Marinucci posted 98 days ago

    Mark Marinucci

    I can never get to the video. I get a blank square and a link to the next article, but never a video on the topic that is posted.