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  • Greg White posted 6 days ago

    Greg White

    Unable to get video to play.

  • Richard Defazio posted 10 days ago

    Richard Defazio

    can not get video to load

  • Richard Defazio posted 10 days ago

    Richard Defazio

    can" get video to load

  • jerry koffler posted 12 days ago

    jerry koffler

    can not get video to load

  • Garrett Henderson posted 15 days ago

    Garrett Henderson

    I cannot get your video to load

  • Frank Passalacqua posted 114 days ago

    Frank Passalacqua

    Hey TeamStream, saw your Stephenson article. You might find this funny and want to write about it, and how flops are so comical now!

  • KobeForever24 KobetheBeast posted 190 days ago

    KobeForever24 KobetheBeast

    I love most of your stream, guys, but come on, stop overhyping LeBron on the defensive end. I have seen getting passed by regarding on ball defense. He also can't guard the best four and five. Also, no mention of Joakim Noah, Kawhi Leonard, and Tim Duncan on "Who's the Best Defensive Player in the League." I'm not hating, but you should not only look at LeBron only.

  • John Ozstryker posted 190 days ago

    John Ozstryker

    Hey, can you turn down the volume on that intro clicking noise?!?!?! It's too damn loud, hurts my ears.

  • Alex Ben posted 194 days ago

    Alex Ben

    hi how are you?