James Morrison

James Morrison


Names James Morrison,Played my highschool ball at St. Marys with nine TD’s and with an average of eight yards a carry my senior year. Now I am a freshman RB at ASU my major is in Film and Media

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  • Thaddeus Yeiser posted 3154 days ago

    Thaddeus Yeiser

    Ever wonder about those players or teams who come and go before we know what happened? Well I've got a list of those one year wonders. Thanks for the read.

  • Molly Gray posted 3333 days ago

    Molly Gray

    And another week of college football is in the books! Check out my top 25!


  • Michael Cline posted 3342 days ago

    Michael Cline


    What's going on? Just published the new Big Ten Tenacity Poll. Check it out.


  • Peter Fleischer posted 3365 days ago

    Peter  Fleischer

    Hey James, check out my article on the college recruiting system. This one should definitely hit close to home to you, and I'd be really interested to hear what you have to say!

  • Ben Weixlmann posted 3367 days ago

    Ben Weixlmann

    Yeah, I feel that! I have a lot of friends on the Miami Ohio team, and I've heard tons of stories, some pretty discouraging, but others pretty funny.

    Look forward to hearing from you, JM!


  • Peter Fleischer posted 3368 days ago

    Peter  Fleischer

    Hey man check out my latest article on college football. I want to hear what you think.


  • Ben Weixlmann posted 3368 days ago

    Ben Weixlmann

    What up James!? It's nice to see we actually have a D1 player writing here! If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up.


  • Peter Fleischer posted 3368 days ago

    Peter  Fleischer

    Hey James, I read about you on ASU's Rivals affiliate site, and I just wanted to drop by and give you a late congrats on having such a big impact as a guy that obviously way too many people slept on coming out of high school. It sounds like you are really doing something out there in Arizona, and I tip my hat to you man. I'd love to hear from you on any of my articles, even though it's mostly about Mizzou stuff. Anyway, keep on trucking, and stay healthy!


  • Jeff Contizano posted 3369 days ago

    Jeff Contizano

    How was the first game???

  • Thomas Brown posted 3372 days ago

    Thomas Brown

    hey james,
    did you play defense in high school?