Dante Ferrigno

Dante Ferrigno


Basic Info

Birthday: November 7, 1972

Sex: Male

Relationship Status: Married to Katie Ferrigno
Anniversary: March 20

Hometown: Deerfield Beach, FL

Favorite Sport: NFL Football
Favorite Team: Miami Dolphins

Religious Views
- I ascribe to the philosophy of live and let live. This is what being a Christian means to me. The Bible is the Word of God. Salvation is a gift received by personal faith in Christ whose death atoned for man's sin. Salvation is eternal. Spirituality is the condition where believers are filled & controlled by the Holy Spirit, walking in fellowship w/ Christ. Spirituality is distinct from maturity in that a believer becomes carnal through an act of sin, & that spirituality is restored by confession of that sin to the Father. Because of these things, I seek to live in a manner that reflects favorably toward Christ; it's my obligation to witness by word & deed to the truths of Scripture, & to proclaim the Gospel to the world. It's my responsibility to remember the work of the Lord in prayer and to support it as the Lord has prospered me.

Political Views
-I believe that any law which is not compatible with human freedom is lawlessness. The greatness of a nation can only be measured by the virtue of its freedom and the integrity of its authority because authority without freedom is tyranny, while freedom without authority is anarchy. As a Christian Libertarian, I recognize that freedom is the policy of God in the creation of the human race to resolve the angelic conflict. The very fact that God created us with volition indicates that He intended us to exercise our free will as a part of the angelic conflict. By policy I attempt to be dogmatic only about the essentials of life, but flexible about the non-essentials.

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