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Mitch Haynes


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  • Francesco Borromini posted 2428 days ago

    Francesco Borromini

    Hey Mitch, a bunch of us Irish fans have agreed to just respond to Uncle P with the following reply: "Here Come the Irish" and nothing else. This should drive him crazy. Hope so see you participate.

  • Mike Muratore posted 2521 days ago

    Mike Muratore

    Please stop contacting me. Don't read my articles. Don't post on them. Please leave me alone.

  • Mike Muratore posted 2529 days ago

    Mike Muratore

    In all seriousness...
    I don't know what happened here in our little exchange...but I swear to you I had no hostility toward you and meant no offense.
    I am sending a private message because I want this to be private, and not part of our little public exchange.
    I only want to swear to you that I am a true ND fan, and believe in (among other things) the direction of this program.
    It is my job as a BR columnist to reply to all posts... they Trey asks us to... sometimes gives us prompts to write on... so it's not all my desire. I'd love to ignore LongDong. He is a dick. Everything he says clearly defines him as a total asshole.
    But I have to engage him. It's kinda my job.

    I certainly did not mean to hurt your feelings, and realize that I pushed things too far.
    I am sorry.
    No matter what you feel about me in the future, know that I truly meant no harm.
    Go Irish!