Laith Agha

Laith Agha


There's no other way to put it: I was a nerdy jock growing up.

If I wasn't playing one of any number of sports, I was memorizing the stats on the back of baseball cards and watching NFL blooper videos. In college, I set out to play wide receiver at a couple different schools, but both times I walked away in favor of self-preservation and academics. The academic pursuit proved futile, since I knew I didn't really want to be an engineer (but I kept with the major anyway). So I stumbled through much of my 20s, trying to figure out a life plan.

Then one night I covered a high school football game for a local paper. It was kinda fun. Actually, it was a lot of fun. So I did a few more of those, then I took a part-time gig with a local weekly paper. By the next fall I was stringing regularly for the biggest local paper (The Monterey County Herald), and before I knew it, I was sitting city side, doing real news stories about real issues.

But I always had an itch to write sports. I managed to do some, maintaining a fantasy sports column and writing an occasional sports feature. But it wasn't enough. So I left the paper for grad school, where I worked on multimedia reporting and longform writing. Naturally, I focused on sports toward sports, producing three long pieces on baseball, one of which was published on Yahoo! Sports and another that has garnered interest from

Now all I want to do is write about and analyze sports—particularly baseball and football.

That's pretty much my deal.

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