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Dennis Nguyen

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Well hey wassup, my names Dennis and I'm 18. I've been using BleacherReport for the longest time as I found it is the most amusing and accurate of learning about up-to-date events. Im always checking it out to see people's opinion on the NBA and sometimes NFL. Im not going to lie and say Ive always been into sports but I got into the NBA the same season that the Celtics recorded their 24-58 record and better yet when they were on their 18 game losing streak, weird time to become a fan i know hahah. But I was captivated by the way they play and I just cant get bored of it (and my two favorite players are Pierce, then DWade so my two favorite teams are Celtics and Miami hahaha now im just looking like a bandwagon fan lol but im not a promise) year I started to watch the NFL but only for the Patriots and Cowboys mostly. Well I just wanted to make an account to respond to some articles and meet you guys cause i notice this site is almost like a family that I wouldn't mind becoming.....Well thank you for your time and its gonna be nice between you all.

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