Mike Kirkland

Mike Kirkland


My name is Mike Kirkland. I am an undergraduate student at the University of North Alabama in Florence, AL. I am an avid sports fan. I say sports I mean football (and MMA).

I literally surround myself with football. I have friends strictly for sports talk. I hope to one day be a coach. I'm a laid back guy just like to have a good time. I love sports, and that is why I am here.

I love to talk about football, so anything related to it, talk to me. I will talk back. I don't believe in the constant, meaningless bashing of each other.

So basically, I represent my schools and teams with as much class as possible, and I believe you should to. I love to debate, not argue. I love Auburn more than any school. But I want to know about all of them. So please, enlighten me. Let's talk some football.

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  • dave gross posted 2420 days ago

    dave gross

    some dope has been using your identy for a month or 2

  • Nathan Deal posted 2463 days ago

    Nathan Deal


  • Hex posted 2483 days ago


    Haven't written an article in a while, so I figured I should help. How about the top 20 players in Canes history? Or maybe the All Time SEC team? I noticed UFC in your communities so maybe you could do the Top 10 Best Longevity (Toughness) Fighters? I don;t know, it's your account, but i always love your articles an you should pump out some new ones.

  • Alabama Voodoo posted 2531 days ago

    Alabama Voodoo

    For all my Auburn Family - Auburn and Alabama a Rivalry In Need Of a Truce and Some Mutual Respect | http://t.co/d1yqDfq

  • dave gross posted 2547 days ago

    dave gross

    Fulse Commits to AUBURN> WDE!!

  • dave gross posted 2552 days ago

    dave gross

    Did you see or go to the celebration ? Man, it was AUsome !