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I'm a die hard KC Chiefs fan and read many blogs and articles about them. I love going to Arrowhead to watch the games, its a real experience. I'm also a very big KC Royals and KU fan, and of course a WSU fan(for those who don't know Wichita State University). I love to talk about sports its my favorite thing to do. I also play alot of Xbox. I have Xbox live for those who want to know my gamertag is MwK Shield. Tell me your from bleacher report and i'll add you.

Thanks for reading, always Chad.

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  • Bleacher Report posted 3263 days ago

    Bleacher  Report


    Brooks Robinson is a baseball legend. He hit 268 homers and won 16 Gold Gloves. But what's his story. I got it for ya.

  • noel ramos posted 3375 days ago

    noel ramos

    you were right i had no iodea what i was talking about... the chiefs wont sniff 6 wins for a while

  • Ari Horing posted 3412 days ago

    Ari Horing

    nice article, I agree with you about Johnson. I wrote an article a month ago about how the running back position is the most replaceable and overrated position. At the time I knew we were paying him too much.

    It's a shitty time to be a Chiefs fan.
    Here's what confuses me. If Herm has another shitty year which is very likely, he is definitely going to get fired. So why is he starting Thigpen. I understand the whole youth movement thing. But it's not just about how young they are, they have to have talent too. Taking risks with young players isn't something you would expect from a coach on the hot seat. It looks more and more likely that Herman Edwards and Carl won't be back next year. I just don't understand Herm, Its almost as if Herm wants to be fired.

  • Ari Horing posted 3412 days ago

    Ari Horing

    I understand what you're saying, but some teams like the lions would be just happy making the playoffs.
    I know that Chiefs fans wouldn't be happy just making the playoffs, but they would happier than they are now. Winning some games is an upgrade from what life is going to be like with Thigpen in control.
    Plus even though it is a reach. Once you make the playoffs anything can happen.
    I do see what your saying because making the playoffs and not winning the super bowl is basically the same thing as not making the playoffs.
    But I still don't think Croyle is the answer. Even if he could get better, he's too fragile and injury prone for us to even find out.

  • Ari Horing posted 3420 days ago

    Ari Horing

    I think the Chiefs can make the playoffs with Huard. They have a solid Defense, Dwayne Bowe, Tony Gonzales, and Larry Johnson. Once you make the playoffs anything can happen. Do you think the Cardinals are a quarterback away from the super bowl?probably not. But yet they still are starting an old veteran over a young guy because Warner has a good chance of leading them to the playoffs while Leinart doesn't.

  • Ari Horing posted 3421 days ago

    Ari Horing

    Ok if you think only getting 3 points and not throwing an interception is not having a bad game, then I don't know what it is. Quarterbacks are suppose to lead there team do scoring drives. not throwing Interceptions or taking sacks does not make you a good quarterback. Come talk to me in a few weeks after Huard gets a few wins.

  • Ari Horing posted 3421 days ago

    Ari Horing

    Croyle got 3 points, in 2.75 quarters. Huard had 1 touchdown in 1.25 quarters and if Dwayne Bowe could get the ball he weould have sent into overtime. You are rediculous. You'll never admit anything. If he had won the game you still would be saying this. Even if you won't admit that Huard is good, at least admit that Croyle sucks. Come one it' so obvious.

  • Ari Horing posted 3422 days ago

    Ari Horing

    What up now Chad?

  • Ryan Metcalf posted 3431 days ago

    Ryan Metcalf

    good info on that article

  • Chiefs_5627 posted 3455 days ago


    Hey thanks! Im a Texas fan as well so it was great to see us get DJ at 15 that year.

    GO CHIEFS!!!