Brianna Belote

Brianna Belote

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I LOVE MY Diamond HOGS! Its more fun being me than who you want me to be. I am old fashioned, organized, structured, and I hate change! I was Greek in a past life. My head is stronger than my heart. I know what is under the hood of my car. I'm surrounded by my heros. Football is my first love, of course unless its spring, then I'm watchin baseball. I impress myself daily. I don't say anything I can't back up. I have found running quite addictive. Voting member of the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame, I miss living downtown in a big city, but I love my small town more. I am a sports radio junkie. When I look in the mirror I like what I see. Fan of...Browns Football, Cubs Baseball, Arkansas Baseball and Football, Gonzaga Basketball, and the University of Central Arkansas

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