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  • L.J. Burgess posted 3417 days ago

    L.J. Burgess

    Why can't you just fight it out with Danny instead of running to your imaginary friends in semi-high places?

    If you're a sports fan, as you say, and you're here on B/R, why not take it to task in your own piece?

    Why do have to censor everything we think or write regardless of it's intent? Danny offended you, maybe not every gay that reads his piece would be offended, maybe they would see a cross cultural...sexual...bit of humor in it and say "Ok, that's kinda funny in it's context for straights, I see where you're coming from, you should leave that in there. What does Danny do then?

    Why are you so insecure?

  • Danny Paskas posted 3419 days ago

    Danny Paskas

    alright, first of all, i am not homophobic, i believe whatever someone does with their body, lovelife is their choice as long as it is not hurting anybody. this was supposed to be a funny article about mistakes made when buying jerseys. i did not write this article to offend anybody. after writing this, i am supposedly a misogynist, racist, and a homophobe. i will switch it because it offends you, that was the last thing in my mind to do.