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  • Matt Shervington posted 2416 days ago

    Matt Shervington

    Troy Polamalu Overrated? Have these guys done the research or even watched the games?


  • Ange Hawk posted 2513 days ago

    Ange Hawk

    I had an extensive comment ready to post, but then I saw your picture and now I get it... Oh, by the way "Mad Chad" have you checked the voting poll lately? I don't know what your story is, perhaps you were a water boy/bench-rider and had grandiose aspirations of becoming an NFL player and well we see where that went. It's quite funny that you mention hypocrisy. When I see the article : Why the Haters Are Wrong. You my friend are a hater and you are wrong!

  • Kyle Eggemeyer posted 2547 days ago

    Kyle Eggemeyer

    Big Ben ended up being top-10 in my list... And I used a BUNCH of stats to compile this list.