Bob Edwards

Bob Edwards


I grew up in Connecticut, and lived in Chicagoland from 1986 through 2001. Thus I have an interest in the Bulls, Bears, Cubs and White Sox. While I was in Chicago I never understood why you couldn't be a fan of both the Cubs and Sox. If it came to a Cub/Sox World Series I would be a Cubs fan because the NL plays real baseball not fake baseball (DH rule). My origins would explain my interest in the Mets, Giants, Patriots and Red Sox. I keep tabs on the Celtics and Knicks but the Bulls rule.

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  • rakim lemont posted 2036 days ago

    rakim lemont

    Well Deng is a small forward. Let's see three small forwards who are better defenders then Deng... LeBron, Iguodala, Rudy Gay. If we split hairs we could possibly inlcude Battier and Tony Allen as well. Deng isn't close lol.

  • Bob Edwards posted 2096 days ago

    Bob Edwards

    Your response was typical of a young inexperienced punk. I have spent time experiencing the night life in most of those cities as both a business exec and a performing musician, I wonder if you have been to most of those cities?

  • Jake Martin posted 2096 days ago

    Jake Martin

    Bob, judging by your picture, you're clearly the king of the nightlife, and I should have consulted with you before I posted the article.