Chaz Worthy

Chaz Worthy


A few years ago I was an ignorant soccer hater. Yet, upon moving to Stockholm ,
Sweden in 2007, I started going to soccer matches as a way of assimilating myself
into the culture. In no time, soccer became one of my main interests (which is saying
a lot considering Swedish women). The atmosphere at even an Allsvenskan match
transcends even the most intense American stadium experience.

I call myself a soccer expert but, in many ways, I am still a passionate neophyte. It’s
all so wonderfully new to me. I watch the EPL, Europa League, and Champions
League at work. At home, I check out the Bundesliga, La Liga, the Dutch league,
and Serie A. Hell, I have even watched Romanian second division matches on
obscure soccer websites.

Also, I'm an old QB...So I love OUR football too!

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