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Steve Adams

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I'm a fanatical Sooner fan living the last 30 years in Texas. I'm about 100 miles from Lubbock so I've learned to love Texas Tech to a certain extent. When Tech plays my Sooners I find myself cheering for both teams, even though I want OU to win. I used to be kinda athletic until my legs gave out. I played varsity basketball & baseball at a little country school in Oklahoma. I played softball until I was 49. I wanted to play into my 50's but again the legs wouldn't let me. They gave out on the way to first and I haven't been back since.

Besides being a Sooner and Red Raider fan, my teams are the Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys and Oklahoma City Thunder. I love the Big 12 and will watch any football or basketball game that comes on. I rarely miss a Ranger game (TV or radio) and I never miss a Cowboy game (no matter how much they suck at the time).

I was raised in Durant, Oklahoma and I was a preachers kid. Yes, I was your typical rebellious preachers kid too. I was such a heathen that the Air Force requested that I go home early. Once I quit the drinking and the other recreational activities I turned out ok. I've lived in Amarillo since 1983. I tried moving back to Durant once, but it just wasn't the same. I've been married for 17 years. We never had children but we have four dogs that we treat like kiddoes. I had my own mowing & painting business for over 25 years, but again the aching body made me retire sooner than expected. I now hold down the graveyard shift at a local Toot 'n Totem. It's not what I really wanted to do but it helps pay the bills. It's sure different having to take orders after being the boss for so long. One last thing, I look like I should be on Duck Dynasty. My wife is about ready to trade me in.

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