Matthew Meyer

Matthew Meyer


Of the teams I follow, only one is not from my immediate area. The reason for this is the lack of any NFL team in LA (as I will never be a Chargers fan). So, by default, I am a Raiders fan and it if fittingly so. My family has been full of Raiders fans for years, they used to play in LA, and my parents both lived in LA during their childhood and this is what I consider to be fair speculation.

Of the major sports of the US, hockey is my favorite though it is uncommon seeing that I am not from a traditional hockey market. It is followed by baseball, then football, and finally basketball. These are the teams ranked in order

1. Los Angeles Kings (NHL)
2. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (MLB)
3. Oakland Raiders (NFL)
4. Los Angeles Lakers (NBA)
5. Los Angles Galaxy (MLS)

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