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Hey, y'all! I am Brian Bradshaw and I am an aspiring musician/jouranlist from Lancashire, England. I do have another profile on here, however I have lost all access to it, therefore I have had to create this one to continue my B/R activities.

I am a huge fan of wrestling; I watch both WWE and TNA Wrestling. I used to watch Ring of Honor on Britain's TWC (The Wrestling Channel), however the channel was bought out by Canada's Fight Network, and has since pulled from British television. My all-time favourite in-ring performer has to be Shawn Michaels, but I am a huge fan of The Undertaker, too - he was the reason I got into pro-wrestling as a kid.
I also love soccer, and I am a lifelong fan of Blackburn Rovers, my local team.

I have a few dreams in life, my main one is to become a guitarist for a successful metal band, or a music producer. I have a soft spot for journalism, and would be satisfied if I became a music, wrestling or soccer writer for a magazine.

I am a very opinionated individual, and will never back down from my views unless I have been proven wrong. Of course, we all have our views and some are neither right or wrong, just the way we see things, and I highly respect people that don't drop their beliefs at the first hurdle of pressure. However, I deteste those who have an opinion and try to force it upon others, especially those who say something is "rubbish" yet don't provide any reasons why they believe that, and those who say they are right I find big-headed or egotistical. I am a very stubborn person, so if I come across anyone like that I will never be afraid to put them in their place.

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