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Attorney with a masters degree in sports management. Dedicated to providing knowledgeable, well-researched and objective sports analysis.

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  • Trent Calvert posted 2578 days ago

    Trent Calvert

    thanks for the edits

  • Ryan Comstock posted 2578 days ago

    Ryan Comstock

    Thank you for the editing help and feedback.

  • Buzz M. posted 2584 days ago

    Buzz M.

    Tanks for the edits and feedback, Damien. Highly appreciated. And thanks for the like too.

  • Roberto Alvarez-Galloso posted 2593 days ago

    Roberto Alvarez-Galloso

    Thanks for your edits.

  • Roberto Alvarez-Galloso posted 2593 days ago

    Roberto Alvarez-Galloso

    Thank you for liking my article.

  • Renee Gerber posted 2598 days ago

    Renee Gerber

    Hi, Damien. Thanks for the edits!

  • Tim Fitzgerald posted 2598 days ago

    Tim Fitzgerald

    Hey Damien, I'm still kicking around different headlines for the Vick article. Any suggestions? I think I want it to be more about the media's coverage of him.

    "How to Cover Vick" perhaps. Going to add one more photo of his face close up and maybe a poll.

  • Bob Warja posted 2598 days ago

    Bob Warja

    Damien, thanks for the edit and the "like". Much appreciated sir!

  • Steve Fusinato posted 2598 days ago

    Steve Fusinato

    Thanks for the edit Damien! Have a good one!

  • Ashley McCubbin posted 2599 days ago

    Ashley McCubbin

    Thanks for the edits!