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Hailing from England’s South Essex coastline where London burps the Thames out into the North Sea to form some kind of muddy cocktail, Pete has always loved Sport. All Sport. Except some. Like ones with cars. He doesn’t care for them.

After being born and growing up a bit and sort of doing some school, he worked as a Bookmaker. Next, our hero read some books and wrote some things and eventually the University that had, for some unknown reason, accepted him, gave him an award that said he could practise as a Journalist.

To that end, he now does exactly that, albeit on a freelance basis, and amazingly they pay him for it. Pete contributes to many sports, gambling, travel and current affairs sites some of which you’ll definitely have heard of, some which you will undoubtedly won’t have.

There really isn’t much else to say. Except that he is only partly alive, has some children and a dog.

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