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I'm a recent graduate of Auburn University (War Eagle!), and I love college football. Every day that goes by is simply another day closer to the season.

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  • Robert Brooks posted 3030 days ago

    Robert Brooks

    Another spread offense at Auburn? Not so fast.

    War Eagle!

  • Eric Thomason posted 3336 days ago

    Eric Thomason

    In regards to a comment you posted on my article (a 2,000 word editorial) a month ago".

    You said: "ONLY THING that stands out to me is your list of overrated teams...You have Auburn on the list. I'm not sure how you define overrated but Auburn did win by 34 and shut out UL-Monroe. Might I remind you that this is the same UL-Monroe that knocked off your big team on the rise Bama a season ago. Auburn won in a very ugly game with no passing, but who can argue with a team that puts up 300+ yards rushing? You call us overrated...I call us underrated and a serious contender in the SEC. Our defense will keep us in ball games until our offense emerges and starts to points on the board."

    I accept your apology.

  • Jeff D Gorman posted 3412 days ago

    Jeff D Gorman

    You're welcome, Chris. That was good work.

    -- Jeff