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Benjamin Edwards is a sports enthusiast from north Texas. He studies baseball history and is especially interested in the dead ball era. Benjamin has visited every MLB ballpark and NFL stadium in North America, and has an extensive collection of books on baseball that numbers in the hundreds. You can visit his site at:

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  • James Williamson posted 3335 days ago

    James Williamson
    Comment Please.

  • Jeremy Goldson posted 3355 days ago

    Jeremy Goldson


    Thanks for the complements on the lists. They've lived in my head for years, I am grateful for the forum to write them in.
    I thought long and hard about Roberts, but selected Steve Carlton because he was so much better than the average pitcher at his time, and he pitched for the best Phillies teams. Roberts definitely deserves consideration.
    Like you, I have great regard for Christy Mathewson. I wonder how he would have fared in the 20th century, carrying his sort of character and talent. I think he would have been a superstar.
    I looked at Leever and Phillipe, but neither jumped out at me. Granted, all I am using for resources are what I can find on the internet.
    And finally, I dropped the ball on Alexander. He should have been mentioned somewhere.

    Thanks again for the read.

  • Jeremy Goldson posted 3389 days ago

    Jeremy Goldson

    Hey, I've finished the article, but a having technical problems with Bleacher Report getting it to publish. I'll keep trying (around the rest of my life) to get it up.

    Thanks for caring!

  • Jeremy Goldson posted 3412 days ago

    Jeremy Goldson

    Thanks for checking out my articles. The baseball one was fun to write ... I am a little behind on the next one, but am looking forward to it.

    I didn't totally get where you were going on my Olympic article. I would love clarification. I agree with your observation about rewarding failure and overlooking success. I think that we take success for granted; part of the reason we love underdogs is that we don't expect success from them. The only other athletes we worship are those who shock us with their extraordinary achievements - Phelps, Jordan, Woods.

    Finally, I really like your website, and hope to spend more time there. Great, great stuff!

  • Benjamin Edwards posted 3418 days ago

    Benjamin Edwards

    The Christian Gentleman. Christy is my favorite athlete.

  • BabyTate posted 3418 days ago


    Christy Mathewson. You get 5 stars for those 2 words.