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Big Phil Smith

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Chicago born and raised. Been a big Chicago Bears fan since I was about 12 years old. Admittedly I like the Cowboys before that thanks to the 1978 Superbowl Cowboys vs. Denver, that I watched with my dad when I first got into NFL football. But after visiting a car show in McCormick place and catching glimpses of Chicago Bears players, namely a young Walter Payton, the love for the team began. My room as a kid was riddled with Chicago Bulls stuff but I was secretly a Sixers fan. About 2 years before Jordan arrived did I really get into the Bulls, and after he arrived, needless to say..the fanship was on!! But I'm true Bulls fan, not a Jordan only fan like so many are. After serving my country for a several years, I ended up in Phoenix where I now reside and began supporting the Phoenix Suns and attempted to support the Arizona Cardinals. But after so many years of letting me down, that kind of declined for me. I'll support the Bears sink or swim.

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