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Edward Vega

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I am a Fanatical Steelers fan... I was born in California but was reborn in Pittsburgh in 1978 while watching the Steelers win thier fourth Superbowl ring. I had my confirmation at Three Rivers Stadium in 1996 when I flew to Pittsburgh to watch them stomp all over the Bungles. I have seen my Steelers play in every Stadium here in California at least twice if not more... I have traveled to Arizona four times and to Kansas City and Houston each once. I love the game for what it represents as it chalanges one group of guys to stop another group of guys from crossing over an emaginary line by punchin them in the mouth. I love Defense and the running game... Kickers and QBs have thier place in the game sure... but I think they are over rated because they take the easy way out.... SMASHMOUTH FOOTBALL there is no substitute... Yes it's true...
I bleed Black & Gold...

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