Nathan Chiaravalloti

Nathan Chiaravalloti

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Nathaniel Chiaravalloti officially began writing sports stories at Iowa State University back in 2005, but he has been editorializing about his two passions- sports and politics- for longer than those around him wish to discuss. Friends and family claim that when he takes the time to organize his endless rants into cohesive stories they find him more bearable and send their thanks out to you- gentle readers. Nathaniel would undoubtedly have a cheerier disposition were it nor for his penchant for pain and steadfast support for long suffering franchises. The life long Dolphins fan, not satisfied by having the team's performance give him a figurative kick to the groin from afar, packed his bags and moved to Miami after college to pursue a lucrative career as an inner city school teacher. After his brief stint in Miami Nathaniel moved to Washington D.C. where he gazes out his window at the Capitol and writes sports columns in the company of his striped tabby cat- Ricky Williams.

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