Hallie Grossman

Hallie Grossman


In West (of) Philadelphia, born and raised. No surprise, then: I love the Philadelphia Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, Sixers -- and Penn State Nittany Lions -- more than any normal (or sane) person really should.

After graduating from Penn State University (We Are!), I moved to New York City, where I was the unfortunate first-hand witness to the New York Giants Super Bowl Upset (of the century) and the Yankees reclaiming baseball glory over my own, beloved Fightins'. After three years toiling in public relations, I left my 9-5 to pursue my first, true love: sports journalism.

My goal as a sports writer has always been to do more than just recite facts. Luckily for us 21st century fans, we have ESPN and Sports Illustrated and Google to find any and all recaps and replays.

There's a story behind every stat. There's passion behind every pass. It's my hope to bring those stories and that passion to the page, to give them a voice. Because I know that there are so many other sports fan(atics) who, like me, love their teams more than normal (or sane) people really should.

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