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ryann cennts

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"White blood in my veins, pure football in my heart, Hala Madrid."

The Real Madrid shirt is White. It can stain of mud, sweat, and even of blood but never of Shame.

“Todo el mundo sabe que soy Madridista de corazón, blanco hasta la muerte.” (The whole world knows that I am a Madridista by heart; White until the death).

"Playing for Real Madrid is like touching the sky."

"If it wasn't for the ULTRA-SURS the stadium would have been quite"

I remember when I was 6 years old and my dad took me to watch my first Madrid derby this started my Real Madrid obsession which everyone in my family has and will forever have

One of my favorite football videos ever

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  • mikhail kavami posted 114 days ago

    mikhail kavami

    and we it !!!!!!!!!

  • Charles Oliver posted 114 days ago

    Charles Oliver


  • Christopher Pacheco posted 118 days ago

    Christopher Pacheco

    You disgusting human! Never be satisfied with ones death, never!!!!

  • MMLALA Destroys posted 118 days ago

    MMLALA Destroys

    Stop giving Madrid a bad name, your comments are disgraceful, how can you call yourself a human being? Piece of shit...

  • Zaidi Rbendez posted 118 days ago

    Zaidi Rbendez

    Go die in a fire you fucking heartless piece of shit of a donkey, asshole !!!

  • Frank Harris posted 118 days ago

    Frank Harris

    I have not come across a scum bag like yourself in a while, you really are a piece of work you disrespectful buffoon. It's idiots such as yourself that stain Madrid's image as a stuck up, ignorant club.

  • Overlord posted 118 days ago


    You're the main reason why I support eugenics now

  • Kunal Bhandari posted 118 days ago

    Kunal Bhandari

    Dear ryann, die of gonorrea please, yours sincerly, f*** off

  • mikhail kavami posted 124 days ago

    mikhail kavami

    i think we can beat bayern if we do what we did vs barca since bayern do the same as gaylona

  • mikhail kavami posted 127 days ago

    mikhail kavami

    thats not bad but khedira should play like he did in 2011 to 12 he was a destroyer back then