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  • Tom Pugh posted 2208 days ago

    Tom Pugh

    A pit stain to football fans everywhere, you sir take the cake

  • Tom Pugh posted 2210 days ago

    Tom Pugh

    You might be the worst writer on this whole site

  • Merlin Klotz posted 2255 days ago

    Merlin Klotz

    I enjoyed your article. Fox and Elway are just now starting to buy into the possibility that Tim could help them keep their jobs. Comparing the bruises on Castle and Sanchez after the last two Bronco games to those on Tebow, I’m not sure there’s much of a case for NFL groupthink that the pocket a safer place for any quarterback. Neither does groupthink consider the fear that a quarterback with the physique and mind set of Brian Erlacher instills in a Darrelle Revis at the moment he should have put his body where his mouth had been earlier!

    The Bronco’s defense is and should be given a lot of credit for the Tebow wins the last several weeks. However, the point that escapes most is that a Tebow ground game heavy offense burns clock (at 30 seconds per offensive ground play vs 7 seconds per offensive pass play) and minimizes the amount of time the defense is on the field… thereby keeping them rested. Therein lies the contrast between the Elway heyday exciting big play offense and the Tebow game. The big play offense was always in a hurry to get Elway and friends off the field which placed an undue workload on the defense.

    A defense that is rested and on the field 1/3 less minutes can be more effective and is subject to fewer injuries. Thus Tebow deserves some small credit and it may not be totally coincidental to have the awesome defense the Broncos have seen recently.

    The attached comparison between early Elway and early Tebow shows Tebow at this stage of his career to be further along than Elway at the same point.

    Elway Tebow Elway Tebow
    Rookie year Career Per Start Per Start Advantage
    Games Started 10 8
    Games Played 11 17
    Record games started 4-6 5-3 Tebow
    QB rating Elway 54.9 79.8 Tebow
    Completion % 47.5% 46.9% Equal
    Pass TD% 2.7% 5.8% Tebow
    Pass Yards 1,663 1,363 166.30 170.38 Tebow
    Average yards 6.42 6.6 Tebow
    Pass TD's 7 12 0.70 1.50 Tebow
    Longest 49 56 Tebow
    Sacked 28 21 2.80 2.63 Tebow
    Yards Lost Sacked 218 122 21.80 15.25 Tebow
    % of passing attempts sacked 9.8% 9.2% Tebow
    Net Pass yards per attempt 4.5 6.6 Tebow
    Interceptions 14 4 1.40 0.50 Tebow
    Fumbles passing 0 2 - 0.25 Elway
    Rushes 28 99 2.80 12.38 Tebow
    Rush yards 146 615 14.60 76.88 Tebow
    Longest Rush 23 40 Tebow
    Average rushing 8.35 6.20 Elway
    Yards rushing per Game Played 13.3 36.2 Tebow
    Rush TD 1 9 0.10 1.13 Tebow
    Rush Fumbles 6 5 0.60 0.63 Tebow
    Rush Fumbles Lost 0 3 - 0.38 Elway
    Q4 comebacks 1 3 0.10 0.38 Tebow
    Game winning Drives 1 3 0.10 0.38 Tebow

    Passing + rush - sack yards 1591 1856 159.10 232.00 Tebow
    Passing + rush turnovers 20 11 2.00 1.38 Tebow
    Passing + rush Touchdowns 8 21 0.80 2.63 Tebow
    Win % games started 40% 57% Tebow

  • Ian Engelbert posted 2640 days ago

    Ian Engelbert

    This guy is a moron that doesn't no shit about college football, not a single one of his articles are worth reading, biggest waste of time

  • P F posted 2648 days ago

    P F

    There is probably a reason you're getting almost all negative replys about your LaMichael James article....because you are incorrect. You took one game against UCLA and decided to extrapolate that into a full, all-encompassed opinion of him. I think you should remember that James had to be helped off the first in the first half. Having played competitive sport, I'm well aware of an athletes to-the-death attitude and a lot of the time you play hurt. So cut the kid some slack for ONLY dropping 120+ and 2 TD's on the Bruins.