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The Names Kevin
I play basketball for my team and used to for football
doing this for fun and to prove MY point(s)

P.S. Dont mind the picture thank you hahaha

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  • Colby Liemer posted 2940 days ago

    Colby Liemer

    I joined this website just so I could comment on your page. I just came back from the Nets vs. Cavs game. It was the second Nets vs. Cavs game I have attended and I despise Lebron James after seeing him play in person as well as watching him play on TV. ESPN tries to sugar coat him but he is a huge baby and gets special treatment from the NBA. I would like to thank you for having the guts to tear apart Lebron James in an article. You are completely right.

  • Kevin Curran posted 3458 days ago

    Kevin Curran

    ya actually. Im pretty sure MMA playground has real money betting. If not check cageplay.

  • Dorothy Willis posted 3458 days ago

    Dorothy Willis

    Your UFC Nickname article was so much fun. I'll be thinking of more nicknames all night.

  • Ben Burg posted 3461 days ago

    Ben Burg

    no problem about the editing, hope it was to your liking
    and yes i love those Oakland A's, regardless of the fact they are 1-9 in their last 10.