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  • Hayden Brush posted 1935 days ago

    Hayden Brush

    Hey pal, remember me? I'm the guy who said "I think Boston likes Carl Crawford to much to get rid of him.", and you said "stop smoking weed, blah blah blah, get your head out of your butt, and stfu", but you will never guess what happened on Sportscenter the morning of the Trade Deadline. Buster was reporting about the, guess who, BOSTON RED SOX about, guess who, CARL CRAWFORD, and guess what he said. "Boston has told me that they like Carl Crawford to much to trade him, and expect big things out of him the rest of the season, and for years to come."

    So guess what pal, learn about your own team before you go around saying stuff like that, or guess what, it could come back to bite you on the butt like this time. Carl Crawford is a very good player when healthy and just because he was injured doesn't make him terrible. Watch what he does the rest of the season and get back to me.

    P.S. Actually think about what you are going to say before you go ahead and say something as stupid as you just did. I bet somewhere in that thick head of yours you might actually be smart, but putting comments like that just make people think that some retarded guy posted on bleacher report again.

    Have a nice day :)