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  • Chris Brown posted 1606 days ago

    Chris Brown

    You are a steaming pile of human feces. No. You are not even good enough to be human feces.

  • Glenn Franco Simmons posted 3303 days ago

    Glenn Franco Simmons

    How come you don't write articles, or are issuing stupid insults what you are on BR for?

    Here are two more, my friend. By the way, I'm not jealous of Bonds. As I said, I'm ant hill compared to him. My athleticism pales in comparison to his. I don't even belong in the same room, but that doesn't mean I have to like him as a Giant. It does not mean he is a bad person. Nor do I wish him ill will. Nor do I hate him.

    African Plague Burns Hot While Media 'Fiddle' Away

    This is about the abortion of black babies at a rate higher than blacks are in the general population. I refer you to

    Sen. Barrack Obama adds international dimension to some Martin Luther King Jr. ideals

  • Glenn Franco Simmons posted 3303 days ago

    Glenn Franco Simmons

    So now you are calling me, a person who has biracial grandchldren and a black son-in-law, racist? Wow, Ray, that is a stretch.

    Ray, for your information, I loved Mays, Bonds Sr., etc. Ronnie Lott. Aren't they black?

    My religious beliefs, my friend, are Bahai, which means we don't believe in races. We believe in the human race, one race.

    Here are the titles and links to my columns. If you were a decent man, you would apologize.

    This column, titled "Pre-Order Book On Vile, Racist Neo-Confederacy Movement" can be found at:

    This column about a racist group, titled :Keep Track Of The Soul-Sickening Council of Conservative Citizens," can be found at:

    This column, titiled "Neo-Confederates Continue To Lie," can be found at:

    Now tell me I'm a racist or that I dislike Bonds AS A PLAYER, not as a person, because he is black. My son-in-law and biracial grandchildren, well one is too young, would laugh when they heard this. So would the black man who taught me about the religion I now go by and how is my spiritual father.

    I hope you read my columns. It's important for all Americans to know that racism is alive and well in America.