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For me it's all about sports (Football, Baseball, and Hockey) there is nothing more I like to do than watch these games and understand what the main story is. Over the last 16 or so years of me watching and understanding sports, I can't help but keep learning more and more about these games.
Being in Minnesota it's very difficult to be a sports fan cheering for your teams (Gophers, Wild, Vikings, Twins, and the Timberwolves). It always seems like these teams get the short end of the stick when it comes to winning the big game and even getting coverage by the big new reports in America. I bet you 90 Percent of the Country couldn't tell you who plays for any of these teams without some kind of connection to the State of Minnesota.
I want to change all that. I want people to know who the stars are as well as the up and coming stars here in Minnesota. It's a dream to have my team be the best and I hope for it every season my team takes the field. My words are loud and proud and I want the world to know what's up with Minnesota and their sports.

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