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I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal

Bleacher Report is great
CM Punk is the best in the world!
Cena Sucks!

Fave all time Wrestlers:
1. Kurt Angle
2. Steve Austin
3. CM Punk
4. The Rock (before the movies)
5. Chris Jericho
6. Eddie Guerrero
7. Ric Flair
8. Chris Benoit
9. Undertaker
10. Brock Lesnar

Fave on the Current Roster:
1. CM Punk
2. Ambrose
3. Brock Lesnar
4. Cody Rhodes
5. Roman Reigns
6. Ryback
7. Dolph Ziggler
8. Bray Wyatt
9. Randy Orton
10. AJ Lee


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  • Donovan Griffin posted 7 days ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    Yer youve got to give Chael respect for that, he will literally fight anyone. He is probably my favorite UFC fighter because of his personality, his guts and his wrestling ability. Im not a huge UFC fan more into WWE but from what ive heard Chael has abnormally low levels of testosterone and TRT wasnt even illegal or banned when he was using it. Are you looking forward to the battleground ppv? im not...

    Given Chael... the benefit of the doubt remains problematic. Sure, Sonnen
    doesn't mind fighting the best UFC names ( to ever land punches ). Personality
    wise, he's the greatest of all time ( in MMA ) right next to Ronda Rousey,
    Anderson Silva, Rampage Jackson, Tito Ortiz and plenty more, selling the
    events. As for Battleground? This is criminally a sad case of time filler. Just
    look at the main event. It just screams... filler. They are just testing Roman
    Reigns' main event talent and marketability. We know... John Cena keeps
    the straps. Jericho/Wyatt, AJ/Paige, Ambrose/Rollins and the battle royal
    sound like Summerslam matches. Well... that's because they are. Expect
    the WWE to create trilogy of matches between these players/divas... instead
    of delaying these contests until... Summerslam. If I'm available, I'll follow B/R's

  • Not that good tbh. If you like promos and interviews, there will be plenty for you. If you like good in ring action, not much to talk about.

  • Donovan Griffin posted 8 days ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    '' Hi Donovan ive fanned you, i take it you dont like Chael Sonnen then?''

    Actually... Chael Sonnen was one of my favs ( personality wise ) challenging the
    likes of Silva, Bisping and Jones. Unfortunately, I hopped off the train. One thing
    I can never do here or anywhere... is that's support ( drug ) cheats.

  • The Cell Saga was great and I liked the Majin Buu Saga too. The power levels involved in buu saga was off the chain.

    Not much happening on SD btw. Jericho vs Randy will be the best match.

  • I've been visiting BR for more than one year now but I joined in just this month. WWE and me go a long way back. I started watching in 2000 and barring a few breaks, I have been a consistent WWE fan.

    And DBZ was awesome! The best action-comedy cartoon ever!

  • bruce wayne posted 11 days ago

    bruce wayne


  • Hi King! Why are you absent on Raw nowadays?

  • Randy Norton posted 11 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Doing Good .

  • bruce wayne posted 11 days ago

    bruce wayne

    so ??

  • Randy Norton posted 12 days ago

    Randy Norton

    How are you doing ?